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The mission of The Texas Federation of Drug Stores (TFDS) is to promote and extend the use and sale of products sold and dispensed in retail drug stores in the State of Texas; improve relations with suppliers, government, consumers, news media, educators and educational institutions and other enterprises and professions concerned with the delivery of healthcare; and to establish and maintain business practices of the highest standards 

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TFDS Antitrust Statement

Board of Directors

President, Ken Breda, Brookshire Brothers
Vice-President, Shelley Tustison, Walmart
Secretary/Treasurer, Jeff Loesch, Kroger

One Year Term ending October 2019
Director, Jay Bueche, H-E-B
Director, Michael Smith, Walgreens
Director, Sing Lim, Walmart
Director, Dale Masten, Genoa 

Two Year Term ending October 2020
Director, Nicky Otts, ReCept
Director, Marla Fielder, Kroger
Director, Mark Sullivan, Brookshire Grocery Company
Director, Jason Holub, Brookshire Brothers
Director, Neil Ducote, Brookshire Grocery Company 

Three Year Term ending October 2021
Director, Douglas Read, HEB
Director, Tim Purser, United Supermarkets
Director, Jeff Loesch, Kroger
Director, Ken Breda, Brookshire Brothers

Emeritus Members
Jim Cousineau
Debbie Mack
Dennis Wiesner


For questions about TFDS, please contact [email protected]