Grocery Industry Update - August

P-EBT SNAP benefits continue to be a hot topic for our grocers.  A total of over $3.8 billion has been loaded to Lone Star Cards.  About 73% has been spent in grocery stores but SNAP customers still have about $1 billion left on their Lone Star Card. 

In addition to the P-EBT benefits, the USDA Food & Nutrition Services has approved for the Texas SNAP to increase the normal SNAP benefit to the maximum for family size for Aug.  These additional benefits began loading on to Lone Star Cards Aug. 10 – Aug 13.

Lastly the State SNAP agency has requested Summer P-EBT benefits.  If approved, the funds would be loaded onto Lone Star Cards late September.

Recently the WIC agency held a webinar to share important information on the WIC program.  The Webinar dealt with the following:

  1. The waivers remain in place for substitutions due to increased volume and supply chain challenges.
  2. The additional $35.00 benefit for fruits and vegetables continues for all WIC participants age 1 and up.  This includes frozen, canned, glass and plastic as well as fresh produce.  As a result of some customer satisfaction surveys, feedback indicates some issues with fresh produce being identified as not eligible using the MY TEXAS WIC app.  Retailers are asked to verify their files of UPC’s, PLU’s and mapping in produce.
  3. New Foods become eligible Oct. 1, 2021
  4. The minimum stocking requirements are still in place and store monitoring will begin in Sept.
  5. Retailers are asked to look at their food permits.  These permits must be up to date in order for the WIC renewals to be processed.
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