Lowe's helps with donations of water and supplies for Texas communities

Last week in Texas, it was the coldest it has ever been in three decades; some places being colder than the bottom half of Alaska. People in our community went periods of time without water or power and in some situations people had absolutely nothing. Now that the lights are on and the water is flowing again, people are trying to clean up the damages from busted pipes and repair their homes. I know that water and a bucket of supplies will not solve all the problems that the freeze has caused, but it's a start. Many people were very happy to receive these buckets of hope and said "it made their day". It is my pleasure to hold a position in a company, that not only wants to satisfy their customers, but also thinks of the needs of their community. Thank you for letting Lowe's #28 be a part of what Lowe's Home Improvement stands for!


City of Texas City 

120 cases of water

100 buckets of supplies 


Galveston County Police Department

120 cases of water

50 buckets of supplies 


Galveston County Food Bank

840 cases of water

300 buckets of supplies


Truly a honor!


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