May 2022

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TRA took two important organizational steps at our Board meeting last month. The first, was to formalize our Tax and Legislative Committee and establish a process by which the committee can offer policy recommendations. Previously, when the committee met it was simply an update on the issues, typically from staff, with the possibility for feedback from the membership. Under our new process, the committee meetings will be two-fold: the first half of the meeting will be discussion among the seven committee members about issues that may be taken up during the next legislative session with a goal of recommending policy position for the Association, and the second half of the meeting will be our traditional legislative update from staff.

The other important development from our last Board meeting was the creation of the Temporary Committee on Governance. This committee was established to conduct a thorough review of our bylaws. While I don't anticipate any significant changes, it is an important process for any organization to undertake periodically. The committee will likely conduct meetings throughout the summer and present their findings and our annual meeting in the Fall.

Finally, speaking of our annual meeting, we have finalized a date and location for Forum 2022. As you will see a little further down in the newsletter, Forum 2022 will be held at Kalahari Resort in Round Rock Sept. 26-28. Be on the lookout for a membership interest survey in early June as we work to finalize our panel topics and guest speakers.


John McCord

Executive Director, Texas Retailers Association


Save the Date

Texas Retailers Forum is back September 26-28, 2022!


This year Texas Retailers Association is hosting Forum at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center. We hope this event will be a unique experience for our attendees. The authentically African-themed Kalahari Resorts feature well-appointed guest rooms, full-service Spa Kalahari, a fun-filled family entertainment center, on-site signature restaurants, unique retail shops and a state-of-the-art convention center. It’s all part of Kalahari’s commitment to bring guests a beyond-expectations experience.


We hope that you will join us in September! Please stay tuned for more information about the Retailers Forum.

Room Blocks are limited, we will send out the reservation link soon! Please email Diana Cardona if you're interested in Sponsoring/Exhibiting.


May will be a busy month at the Capitol! There is a full schedule of interim hearings dealing with a number of issues important to the retail industry.

Last week kicked off some of those discussions with both the House Ways and Means Committee and Senate Finance Committees holding hearings to discuss property taxes. While this has been a common topic of debate for decades we have certainly started to see an expanded discussion to not only include homeowners property taxes but also business property taxes. TRA’s work on inventory taxes has resulted in much more detailed and significant discussion among lawmakers and we know that there is a willingness to address this issues although the exact method of that relief is still being contemplated. We will stay engaged and keep you up to date as those discussions progress.  Inflation, supply chain, cyber-security and tax exemptions  are all issues that will be discussed in the next couple of weeks in various hearings so look for updates from TRA or feel free to reach out if you would like to participate in any of these hearings.

Below is some general information links that will give you access to legislative data throughout the interim and into next session.


       WIC/SNAP Update

  • Governor Abbott has renewed the disaster declaration which allows the Texas SNAP agency to apply for additional emergency SNAP benefits (taking benefit level to maximum for family size)  payable in May.
  • The May emergency payments have been approved and will be loaded to Lone Star Cards: May 2-May 6.
  • TRA anticipated the State SNAP agency will have the June emergency funds approved.  However the National Emergency Declaration expires late July.  If the Administration allows it to expire then the emergency SNAP benefits would be discounted. One factor:  SNAP operating rules mandates at least 30 day notice to change benefits.  More to come!
  • The P-EBT payments for the 1st school semester are currently being loaded to Lone Star Cards.  The total loaded:  $4.8 million.  The State SNAP agency estimates another $6.7 million over the next month.
  • The SNAP agency is working on the 2nd semester P-EBT benefits with the school systems around the State. TRA anticipates these additional benefits will be approved and loaded to Lone Star cards beginning July 25. 
  • The voucher for fruits & vegetables has been extended until Sept. 30.  There has been some discussion regarding the extension after Sept. 30.

  • Coming Aug 1, Texas WIC will be adding more approved products including Tuna & Salmon in the pouch plus sardines.  Coming Oct. 1, Texas WIC will be adding Greek yogurt, and organic peanut butter.  The good news will be the Greek and organic product will have a separate NTE chart.  Also Oct. 1, corn/wheat tortillas will not longer be LEB and the customer can select any brand.

  • Due to the high inflation, Texas WIC will be publishing a new NTE chart.  Texas WIC has committed to reviewing prices increase more frequently.  Plus retailers can submit documentation to substantiate  price increases on WIC approved products. The NTE chart can be found on

  • Texas WIC has sent out the renewal materials to retailers whose WIC contact is expiring in Sept.  The renewal application must be sent in timely.  No exceptions.  Fortunately the length of the renewal application has been reduced.  

  • Lastly, all retailers must complete annual training.  Plus the renewal applicants must complete both the annual training and a live webinar. Click here to see the annual/on-demand training catalog.

  • The next Texas WIC webinar will be held in Aug. Look for information on the TRA blog. Make sure you have your member access (login/password) for this information.

Baby Formula Updates

Texas WIC held a webinar on May 16 to discuss several important policies regarding Baby Formula, Cash Value Vouchers (CVB’s), Waivers and Not to Exceed Prices. 

Texas WIC did not provide an update on the status of the Abbott manufacturing plant. However, the approved alternates have been extended to June 30.  Texas WIC stated if the shortage situation does not improve, they believe the alternates approval will be extended. Here is the most recent list. However, please recognize this list changes frequently. Thus the most up to date information will be on:

The current contract for Baby Formula expires Sept. 30.  The new contact has been signed with the primary approved formula being Enfamil with Abbott providing the Soy Baby Formula. The new contract runs from Oct. 1, 2022 – Sept. 30, 2027

Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne has developed DFW Baby Formula, a website where consumers can post locations and availability of Baby Formula in North Texas. Click here to view.

Upcoming ORC Task Force Meeting

ORC Task Force will be held May 19, 2022 in Dallas, TX. Contact Matt Rosteet, Kroger Loss Prevention if you have any questions.


New Approved Fish Starting August 1

The Texas WIC program is pleased to announce new fish options for WIC participants starting on August 01, 2022. In addition to the currently available chunk light tuna and pink salmon in 5-6 ounce cans, participants will be able to get additional can sizes and foil pouches, as well as two additional types of fish: sardines and mackerel. Tuna and salmon can be in water or oil. Sardines and mackerel can be in water, oil, or sauce. Click the link below for the full list.


Food Prices 101: How Domestic Supply Chains & The Conflict in Ukraine Are Impacting Food Prices

FMI – The Food Industry Association, the trade association for food retailers, wholesalers, product suppliers, and their supply chain partners, is hosting another in a series of Congressional staff briefings to discuss the factors impacting food prices for consumers in 2022. The focus of this briefing is on how the current domestic state of play with supply chain disruptions, ongoing labor shortages, and inflation coupled with the conflict in Ukraine is impacting the price of food at the grocery store. FMI Vice President of Tax, Trade, Sustainability & Policy Development Andrew Harig will be joined by Dr. Ricky Volpe, Associate Professor of Agribusiness at California Polytechnic State University for a lively discussion.

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